I wish to share with you the respect and admiration I have for this fellow who runs around in spandex, a mask and a cape. Our very own Captain Jackson.

This is a man who has a sincere enthusiasm for living life to its fullest, and has honed the skill of changing people's attitudes without giving offense or arousing resentment. Merely curiosity and positivism, a brilliant good deed doer and promoter of all good things.

When I first read about him in the Jackson Citizen Patriot I personally thought this is so unique. A man with the courage to "Dare to be Great" (a reference from Dale Carnegie). "Having courage does not depend on what is happening outside you. It depends on what is happening inside of you. So start right now thinking thoughts of courage." I have been in awe at the potential of what having a real live super-hero could do for the tourism of this city.

As time passed and more articles were published, I then found out about his web site. Wow this man is really sincere, I thought. At this point I realized he alone opened up the minds of this community that working with the City, the Police and Sheriff's Department is exactly what was missing to clean our streets of undesirable drug dealers and crime.

Then there was the RESPECT issue. As a child I remembered saluting officers out of respect. After all, you get what you give and the officers are truly here for us, the citizens. There respective departments were created out of a need to protect and serve us, the citizens.

I would like to share with you the fact that I left Jackson at 18 and never wanted to live here again because of the prison and all the criminal activity which seemed depressing to say the least. After traveling the entire United States and living in so many large and small cities I've seen almost everything, which made it easy for me to see what this caped good deed doer has done for Jackson. Unity among the good and having a good time as well, with that shining positive attitude spreading like a disease out of control.

Our children will learn from the example that he is setting for them and even if Captain Jackson comes across as an off the wall person, by now the majority of Jackson residents realize the fact that this wonderful man did not like his world and all by himself, not to mention at great risk and expense, set out to "change his world" not only for himself but for all of Jackson. This is now a friendlier place and a safer place to live with so much more to be remembered for than just being a prison town. In my travels this is how everyone I encountered identified Jackson, Michigan, and even then I found this upsetting.

After listening to Captain Jackson on the Bart Hawley radio show, I realized his humor was projected in such a manner as to show the public that even handicapped people, mental or physical, also had a great deal to offer and deserved to be treated with respect.

At this point I decided I would put on a uniform similar to his to get his attention, but not offend him. I also had a mission (Domestic Violence) because of my own personal grief and real life exposure. I felt I had a lot to offer in the realm of awareness and hoped he would be open to the idea of a woman joining up with him to make a positive difference for the victims (past, present and future). Knowledge is the key to awareness and education for the prevention of Domestic Violence.

I put on the uniform and went out looking for Captain Jackson. When I finally encountered him I challenged him to address this issue with me. He was not sure how to take me at first but after several conversations he realized I was sincere and asked me to join The CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS. I was honored to say the least.

After months of volunteer work and getting to know both Captain Jackson and Crimefighter Girl, I truly realized that what goes into all of this is a great deal of hard work and personal sacrifice. Facing diversity, criticism and lack of understanding by the population yet still forging forward as his mission for the masses is extremely worthwhile.

Processing the full range of emotions and holding on to the positive is where the true reward lies. Knowing you made someone smile and lifted their day or helped a lost child to find their parents or assisting an elderly person by the opening of a heavy door or any number of other common courtesies, all the while keeping a sharp eye out for crime, or an accident, or a potential danger for the citizens is what makes the difference. It has taken months for the Captain to train me in all of the duties of a Crime Fighter on Patrol.

Then there is Crimefighter Girl. What a jewel she is! Responsible, respectful, charming, intelligent and talented. This child has been given the gift of being able to set an example for all of Jackson's youth and does a superior job, with sincere love and original concern for all. Her volunteer work at the Crouch Senior Center alone should be highly commended. When I watch her work hand and hand with the D.D.A., the City Police, many City Officials, the Michigan Theater and the people of Jackson she herself is a professional, and at great sacrifice, gives freely of her time and love to all of Jackson. I truly admire the maturity of "Jackson's Little Sweetheart". This child is one shining example of what our youth can do for the future of humanity---a child any parent would very proud of.

She, too, adds to the list of achievements, motivational abilities, leadership skills, promoter of goodness, and positive attitude of none other than my hero and yours, our very own Captain Jackson!

Have a Fabulous Day!


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