Albion's Annual Neighborhood Watch Picnic

This event was held August 25, 2001 in the Victory Park Pavilion.

Meat and Drinks were provided by Albion Department of Public Safety.

Photos from this photo essay were provided by Captain Jackson,

a well known crimefighter from Jackson Michigan.

The event was organized by Hazel Vandevender, of the Neighborhood Watch Association.

   (from left) Captain Jackson, with Albion's Mayor Bill Wheaton, Police Chief L.J. McKeown, and Sgt. Gerry McQueen.


The main events were introduced, after the neighborhood watch flag was donated to the Postmaster Patricia McKee by Hazel Vandevender.



 The Queen of Hearts gave an inspirational speech about Honoring Humanity that is especially important during these troubled times. Take a moment to see that this woman is more than meets the eye.
 Last but not least, Crimefighter Girl, the thrid member of the Crimefighter Corps from Jackson, gave a talk to children about safety.



 (from left) Lary Weeks, Detective Chris Young, Kyle Chaney, Dori Muster.
  (from left) L.J. McKeown (Police Chief) and Patricia McKee (Albion Postmaster).  


 Sandi Zimmerman and husband, Maggie LaNoue and daughter.
 Gary Watkins, and the band Bittersweet  


 (from left) Gary Watkins, Delores Hershey, Sony Writer from the band BITTERSWEET. 

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