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The Snowflake Chili Cook-Off

sponsored by the
Jackson Citizen Patriot

We are welcomed to the Chili Cookoff by the Canine Corps of Albion. These trained dogs later put on a show of their obedience and skills.

This table was sponsored by Clark Lake Michigan "Spirit" Group. We are not sure which type of "Spirit" is being referred to.


This fellow is an expert in balloon sculpture. He learned this skill after extensive training at the Institute of Latex Origami in Cincinnati.

The New Owners of Lakeland Hills Golf Club appear to be very friendly individuals. Call them for hours and location (517)764-5292.
We watched in awe as this Karate expert cut through a stack of cement blocks using nothing but his bare hands.


This Jackson Karate team showed their abilities at strength, coordination and concentration in an impressive display of synchronization.
We don't know who these fellows really are but the sign at the top of the booth says "Welcome to the Devil's Workshop. We suspect that these are really church going angels in disguise who have made very good chili and realize that angel costumes would not influence the judges of a chili contest as well as their devil costumes.


This young man was just standing on the table waiting for someone to take his photo. We obliged and here he is.
Ken and Annette Horn were proud of their secret recipe for "Fireworks Chili". They cook it every year at their July 4th party. Everyone is invited.


The elusive Captain Jackson was making the rounds promoting his new video. CJ also provided security at the event.
Here is the Captain again, tirelessly promoting law, order, peace, and his new video.


This guy had a neat jacket with some kind of WWII plane on the back of it. Here his buddy points out the emblem on the front.
Here the buddy turns around the guy with the coat so we can see the nice embroidery on the back.


Everybody is happy here. The baby is young and tired enought to sleep anywhere. Dad has cold brew in his mug and getting ready for chili. Mom is at home taking a well deserved nap. 


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