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The Snowflake Chili Cook-Off

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The Snowflake Chili Cook-Off was another surprising Jackson event. This writer is not from Jackson per se, but a close city that regards Jackson as a home away from home.


This photo, with the warning, "Danger Men Cooking" is reminiscent of an Albion event, that you may wish to visit on-line. Men Who Cook. People in Albion may be more serious than the ones in Jackson, but you will still see unusual sites.


These people pictured were some of the most plainly dressed people in this photo essay. Some of the other participants, took the term "Snowflake" to heart.





 The chili at this event was excellent. It was tasty and it was hot. It was so hot that some of the participants dressed in such a way as to give warning to the guests.

Fortunately, cold beverages of all varieties were on-hand. Those who savor such beverages were also on-hand for the event.

One of the most beautiful displays brought visions of the upcoming spring days to an otherwise cold and bleak day. This couple had a wonderful table and delicious chili as well.


But the atmosphere inside the Field House at Jackson Community College was anything but cold and bleak. Mere words do not begin to describe the festive activities and feelings of comradery.





 This Chef was most cooperative in posing for photos. His banner, which reads "Hot Air" does not describe the individual's verbal skills, or the aroma eminating from his large pot. Rather, it stand for one of Jackson's Most esteemed events, the Hot Air Jubilee. If you view closely, the pattern of hot air balloons can be seen in the table cloth gracing this booth. The Chef is also wearing a balloon apron, and there is a hot air poster behind him. Even his hat is symbolically showing the expanse of a hot air balloon.

His wide smile is also most expansive.....

 Just about everyone wanted to come to the Chili Cook-off this year. Here, Grampa is shown with two of his favorite young people, and is ready to take off to be first in line when the actual chili tasting begins.


He graciously allowed me to take this photo, to show that there were people of all ages, all sizes and with various modes of transportation.




 The cutest baby award went to this young person. Although this photo does not do justice to him, he is happily engaged in sucking on a pacifier. He is closely eyeing the chili pots however, and will be getting a bite or two of the hot stuff before this day is over.

 These Steel Men were obviously Union Men in disguise. There chili was created under strict conditions, and was approved by Federal Investigators while we took this photo.

These men were happy to be working and creating products to meet the needs of the American People.





 Besides the hundreds of people milling around the floor of the Field House, there were hundreds more that took a load off, and watched the shenangians of the participants.

Judging by the number of yellow cups on the bleachers next to these viewers, this writer suspects that it was refreshing in more ways than one.

 This Chili Connoisseur carefully ladles the one portion servings of chili to the stream of guests that heard about the flavor and appeal of this particular variety.

He was offered a large check to divulge his secret recipe but would not share the family secret for any price.




 These delightful ladies show that it is not only the men who have a sense of humor in Jackson Michigan. There costumes are like no other that this writer has ever seen. The most amusing aspect of these anatomically correct bovine costumes would be the udderly incredible appendages that grace the middle portions of their outfits.

 These two martial arts fighters show off their skills for this writer. The man on the left, is a deadly expert of the Spirit Martial Arts Academy. His teaching and fighting skills are known thoughout the world.

This photo shows the expert, who has asked to remain anonymous, about to crush a black belt from Taiwan, with a single blow.




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