Jackon County Fair

Take a tour of Jackson County Fair:


 Welcome to Jackson County Fair! Here is the entrance to the fairgrounds, at the intersection of Jackson and Ganson. Click on the photos to see a larger view.


 As you park and approach the fair grounds, you can see the rides and activities in the distance. Handicapped parking is provided for those who are not able to walk long distances.  


 Everyone enjoyed this ride through tunnels and turns. The day was hot, and some could not resist the chance to get a bit of sun.
 Here is another view of the same ride, showing how popular the fair was last year.  
   Many young people attended the fair. Young moms brought out their babies in strollers, and big brothers enjoyed a cold pop.

 The Ferris Wheel is the most notable ride in many fairs. This one offered a spectacular view of the fair and Jackson.  
   Most people stopped by the hotdog stand for some delicious and nutritious food and drink.
 This ride is a good one to go on after eating a hot dog or two. Not a ride to forget.  
   The Tilt-a-Whirl -- a perrenial favorite for families.
 This slide was a hit with the younger generations. Not too many grandmas here.  

   All kinds of super people came out to enjoy the day.
 This ride is not for the faint of heart.  
   The Animal Kingdom, sponsored by Meijers, was a good place to go after a few exciting rides. Here, Nala, a young female African lion takes a nap and waits for night when she is more alert.
 Pogo, a male red kangaroo was hopping around during the day, and happy to be there.  

 Masters of the Chain Saw, Rick Boni, from Richway Pennsyvania demonstrated his talent.

visit him at:



 This writer visits a pony.

   Girls love horses. This girl and her mom visited the horses and took their chances with horses that could be nippy.
 Here the girl and Angel the horse pose for a portrait.  
   These prize winning polled herefords were quite happy to be in the spacious barn with hay.
 Lindee the cow gets a bath here. Lindee is owned bby Lake Valley Farms in Grass Lake.  

   Horse riding competition is always a popular event with true horse people.
 This cowboy modestly exits after an impressive show in the ring with his pinto.  
   As one rider exits, another enters to take her chances at the prize.
 For those horse lovers who want to ride, but are not quite in the class above, pony rides were available and much appreciated.  

 As we exited the Jackson County Fair, we thought back to the wonderful time we had, and all the work that had gone into the production of this extravaganza. We plan to come back next year. We still have more photos to show in this tour, the ones you've been waiting for. The most exciting event of the entire fair is coming online soon, for the edification of all viewers of the world wide web. Yes, come back soon, and you too will appreciate the talent, hard work, and imagination of the Jackson County Fair Vegetable show. Check back soon!

We've got photos of the most interesting vegetables you will EVER meet.

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