Captain Jackson's

Tips for Safe Living


For those of you who own small businesses, a closing check list is a must.




Even though you may have owned your business for years and repeated this task hundreds of times, your routine schedule of closing can cause you to forget something---and sometimes something important!

Just think of how many times you've returned to your business to "check" something you're "not sure" you remembered to do.


 A check list can eliminate this possibility.  

  Like an airplane pilot, a check list will help you be certain you have completed all your closing tasks.


One important point is that you keep it near the door you last leave so you can quickly glance over it.

   "Did I lock the front door?"

 "Did I turn the heat down?  



Did I turn the alarm on?" are only a few of the questions you may need to include.

If you spend just a moment each night looking over your list on the way out, you will never have to return to your business again because you have the feeling you may have forgotten something!


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