Captain Jackson's

Tips for Safe Living


At some time in your life you might be in a situation where you see a crime happen. There are a few things to remember.


First of all, DON'T GET INVOLVED! If you can, HIDE and try not to make as much as a sound.



Don't make the CRIMINAL aware of you!
If you do see a crime, always REPORT IT to the POLICE! But wait until you can SAFELY GET AWAY!


When you talk to the police make sure you give them a good description of the criminal.

  They will ask you questions which may seem hard for you to answer such as "What was his height? What color hair and eyes did he have? How much did he weigh? What were his vital statistics?"

Even though these may seem to be very hard questions for you to answer, let's look at it this way.....
First look at the Police Officer very closely.

When he asks, "How tall was he?", think about how tall the officer is and tell him, for example, "Well, he is a little TALLER than you."


When he asks, "How much did he weigh?", tell him if the criminal is bigger or smaller. And don't be afraid to say something like "The bad guy is almost as big as you." The Police Officer won't take this as an insult and with your description may be able to catch the bad guy!



And if the criminal drove away in an automobile, explain everything you can about it.




All this will help the police and make you a better crime fighter!
If we are going to help keep our neighborhoods safe---the crime fighting begins with young people like you! If you see something wrong, first go to your parents.


If they are not around, go to an adult or public official YOU KNOW.


And NEVER talk to strangers!




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