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Tips for Safe Living





A. Report all cases of abuse to the police (your call may save someone's life).
By taking action you could prevent serious injury and the officials will encourage all parties to get help (counseling, support groups, etc).


  B. Write to your Public Officials let them know how you feel and express your support.
Encourage the enforcement of current laws then ask for new legislation to prevent planting the seed into future generations (new ideas are always welcome for consideration ).

  C. Support Education and Prevention Programs at all levels in your community, state, and nation.
If we are going to succeed in preventing violence in future generations we must stand united---education the key (there are many ways to support: donations of money, time as a volunteer, etc. The needs are many. Contact your local shelters for their needs list).

D. Together we can make a difference working against and preventing violence in our society!
Refuse to accept or promote violence in your world or the world around you. Enter a realm of love and positive enlightenment instead.



  A. Enter into a contract with all family members for a "NO VIOLENCE" environment.
It's your home---make the rules as a family. After all, physical violence or abusive behavior is never the solution over conflict resolution through love and understanding.

B. Resolving conflicts through talking things over is the educated and mature way to handle problems.
Open and clear communication can usually lead to a equitable compromise, take time to calm down first if necessary, the results are well worth the effort.


C. Always be aware that your children learn more from what they hear, see, and experience from your example than anywhere else as you are there primary mentors for their entire life foundation.
Show them with your actions that violence and abuse (physical, verbal or emotional) are not part of a healthy and normal life skills pattern. 
D. Don't be afraid to get help if you and your partner is having difficulty with problem resolution or are feeling overwhelmed by problems that are leaving you with feelings of helplessness.
It is not always possible to solve your differences all on your own, asking for help is a sign of maturity and strength. Through education all things are possible.




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