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of Mountain View, California


1. As you might imagine, "seeing" is an all-important quality to "The Eye", so if you witness a crime in progress, *never intervene* (just as Captain Jackson suggests), but try to remember what the perpetrator looks like, as much as possible.


It's hard to focus in the heat of the moment, but it is *vital* that you try and mentally record basic descriptors such as approximate height, physical features, and clothing.

 If you have a pad and pen handy, write this information down *right away*, and if the person is in a vehicle...get the license plate number!



 Often, all the other information as to a criminal's identity can be easily had if you get this one piece of data, even if you get nothing else!


2.) For self-protection at night: Carry a small but powerful flashlight, and keep it handy, like in your hand, or, if you walk along with your hands in your pockets, keep your hand on your flashlight, so that you can bring it out and switch it on at a moment's notice.

  Not only is carrying a flashlight at night a good idea in general, but if you are confronted by a would-be mugger, shining the light momentarily in their eyes will create a moment of flash-blindness which you can use to make good your escape and call for help.

3.) Another night-time safety tip (or for *any* time): Carry a small personal alarm, the battery-operated kind with a pull-cord to activate, for an extra level of safety. Why?

These alarms are designed to compensate for the natural tendency for people to be startled and frozen by a moment of fear, when fumbling for an alarm button or failing to cry out could mean the difference between life or death.


Simply pulling the cord activates the alarm, which calls out for help *for you*...while you make good your escape. Besides, it is unlikely a mugger will pursue and try to confront someone running *away*, with a 100-plus decibel ear-piercing alarm going off, calling attention to your situation.


4.) If you see cruelty to animals in progress, call your local police right away.



They will respond to the call, and take immediate action. However, if the cruelty is due to neglect, contact your local Humane Society, and they will investigate your report. In varies from state to state, but in some cases the Humane Society has its own investigators, and in other states, they will refer your case to local Animal Control Officers. Don't hesitate to make a report if you suspect animal abuse...time is of the essence, and the animal's life may depend on it!


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