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Many times we feel safe in our homes, but in reality, many serious crimes can happen in the home without proper precautions such as the ones below:  

   1. NEVER let strangers into your home! Make them stay outside and talk to them through a locked screen or storm door. Even if they are dressed in what appears to be a business or utility company uniform, if you do not recognize them, ALWAYS ask for ID. And don't be afraid to detain them outside while you phone their company for verification of their identity. If they are who they say they are, this will only delay them a few minutes. If you can not verify their identity, CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY!

   2. Always keep your door and windows LOCKED (and if you have a sliding glass door ALWAYS keep a stick in the track in case the lock fails) even when you're home unless you are in the particular room with the open window. Keep garages locked as well.

 3. Create and practice an INTRUDER safety plan with your entire family. In the event of a break in, you should have a room with a telephone you can run to and lock. Immediately call 911 and DON'T HANG UP, even if you have to flee! If the intruder tries to get to you, scream that the "Police are on the way".



   4. An inexpensive way to deter crime around your home at night is to replace any outside lights with MOTION SENSOR lights. These lights will automatically turn on when anyone approaches your home and will turn off after a few minutes, alerting you to a possible prowler.

 5. When going on vacation always call your local police and let them know! It's their job to protect your property and they'd much rather PREVENT A CRIME than have to investigate one!





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