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 The Snowflake Chili Cook-Off

sponsored by the
Jackson Citizen Patriot

 These two gentlemen were brought in by Maci of Parma Michigan to create special Hawaiian Chili to charm the Michigan residents in attendance.

Their chili had special ingredients such as pineapple, coconut and exotic herbs that shall remain nameless.

The special blend did gain the notice and approval of the hungry and demanding judges.






This group came together to represent Americans: Yesterday and today. The Native American from the Potowanamee tribe, is native to Michigan.

The Hell's Angels Biker represents the tough new breed of Americans.

The lady is representing today's woman who has come a long way since last century when the woman's job was strictly raising a family. Today this woman runs a multi-million dollar corporation and is still able to raise her family in her spare time.

 This western couple came in from Montana in their pick-up truck the night before the Chili Cook-Off.


They had family in the area, and also heard about the wonderfully neighborly people of Jackson Michigan. Their chili was made solely from products of their own ranch, including great northern beans and long horn steers.





 At last! The celebrity you have been looking for! Captain Jackson himself was at the Chili Cook-Off, and maintained law and order. The people of Jackson rested easy knowing that Captain Jackson was patrolling the entire event in his tireless pursuit of maintaining law and order.

This writer only found out about the Chili Cook-Off from the Captain himself and owes him a debt of gratitude for the kind invitation to participate in this unique event.

The Captain was busy answering questions about suspicious individuals who were spotted at this event and was not able to properly pose for a photograph in his accustomed manner. Check back for additional photos and information as this site becomes finalized.

 The joy of the Chili Cook-Off, a haven of warmth and cheer, is actively expressed by this young woman with her father.

The live music was so inviting that this child decided to Rock and Roll. No one seemed to mind a bit.


Outside the weather was cold, windy and gray, but inside the Field House at Jackson Community College it could have been a day at the county fair.





 This distinguished individual attending the Chili Cook-Off was known to this writer as a fellow Albionite. Would you buy a used car from this man?

Many Albionites have, including this writer (and would again!) Many travel from afar to experience the "small town service and big city prices".

Visit his web site at albionautomart.com.

 The Lions Club display was a hot spot of activity during the 2001 Chili Cook-Off.


There was not a great deal of attention being paid to the actual cooking of the chili however.


Some other mystery was drawing people to this site, in large numbers. This writer decided to take a closer look to find out exactly what was drawing the crowds.





 One thing that this writer noticed was that the men of the Lion's Club did not seem to be in attendance at all.


It seemed as if this booth was being manned solely by the wives and girlfriends of the Lions.

It seemed as if these women were playing tricks on their husbands and boyfriends by dressing provocatively.

 Here is one of the wives of the Lions, who is flirting with the cook of a neighboring booth.

This writer hopes that the husbands of these women will not be too harsh on them for having a good time.


Next year perhaps the men will decide to do their own cooking, and leave the little women at home.





 This cowboy was pleased to bring his recipe for HOT chili up from Texas ranch neighboring George W.'s.


He used his Frank's RedHot sauce very liberally and was pleased to serve up his concoction to all who stopped over to say "Howdy!"

 Everyone got into the act during this incredible event. Specially trained dogs were in evidence, obviously assisting Jackson's Crimefighter Corps in the pursuit of law and order, if not justice and freedom.

These dogs' highly sensitve olfactory glands were able to detect any criminals or suspicious persons in attendance at the festive event. This dog worked hand in hand with Captain Jackson to apprehend the suspicious persons mentioned earlier in this photo essay.

The suspicous persons were immediately removed, making the day safe for all of the law abiding normal people that were enjoying the simple rites of tasting chili: "the highly seasoned dish made with meat, beans, and spices."





 Here, the female Crimefighter Corps, pose with an honorary member for this event.

On the left, the Queen of Hearts, a most warm and charming individual who impressed this writer with her intuitive knowledge of humankind.

On the right, Crimefighter Girl, wise beyond her years, crusades for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Center, is this writer herself, who could not resist posing with these heroic figures reminicent of the glory days of yesteryear.

We hope you have enjoyed this documentary essay. Any resemblance of the individuals pictured to real life people is purely coincidental. The text that accompanies these photos has been adapted for the web.


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