Crimefighter Girl

Captain Jackson's

Tips for Safe Living


   1. Always walk on the sidewalk or as far away from the road as you can.

 2. When crossing the road always watch for cars and cross at the corner if you can.  

   3. If someone in a car comes up to you, keep walking or run to the nearest house that you know the people.

 4. If you come home to an empty house remember to always lock the door and don't answer it to anyone you don't know.  

   5. If the phone rings and you are alone always say your parents are home but can't come to the phone.

 6. If you are hungry never cook on the stove.  


   7. If a fire occurs run to a neighbors house and have them call 911.

 8. If someone breaks into your home call 911 and hide.  


   9. If you see anything bad happen, tell an adult you know or call 911.

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